The Accountability Lab is an incubator for the world’s most creative accountability ideas. The team works with innovative people and organizations in Liberia to develop tools- and the communities around them- that can make power-holders more responsible. The Lab supports almost a dozen imaginative projects around the country, with a focus on youth and sustainability.

For a nation to be develop, the citizen must have the sense of Nationalism, patriotism and sense of belonging. All of these happen through education and the process of education must be diverse. The  change we need required every one of us involvement  with positive contribution; on this note, the  accountability lab in partnership with the Liver Arts in Monrovia have embarked on  a project involving children  age ranging 9-13 years old. Accountability lab believed in bottom-top approach in the fight against corruption.

Accountability lab believe that the best way to make Liberia a better place is to make the children become conscious of their future and  give them the ability to become a positive thinker.

The children are the future leaders and beneficiary of what we have today and as such they need to be train adequately on how to manage their tomorrow.



KoC 4th Round




The Accountability Lab is an incubator for the world’s most creative accountability ideas. The team works with innovative people and organizations in Liberia to develop tools- and the communities around them- that can make power-holders more responsible. The Lab supports almost a dozen imaginative projects around the country, with a focus on youth and sustainability. We also strive to set a radicalexampleof transparency and integrity with our own operations; and ensure monitoring is fitted to context. The Lab has won several awards for its work in Africa and Asia and for the impact that this approach has had on the larger accountability agenda.




Sport is one of the medium that pull people of all sector together, based on this, Accountability lab has chosen it to help spread the message of Accountability and Anti-corruption message to the young people of Liberia.


On Saturday May 3rd, 2014, the Accountability lab had its fourth session of the Kick out Corruption (KoC) sport outreach in Whein Town Community, Paynesville. The event that has over 150 persons participating directly and directly was used to educate the participants about Corruption, Cheating, Favoritism, Nepotism, Bribery, etc.

Mr. Gborboe T. Gblinwon (simply known as coach Gborboe) presented the event like this;

Knowing that Accountability serves as driving force for sustaining developmental agenda, needs to be preach in all sectors. Upon this, when I heard about Accountability lab and the work they do, I thought to myself if I could fit into any of the program. Then I answer it myself by saying YES.

So I went to the office and I said I’m a coach and I want to work with your organization, but the concern to them (Accountability lab) was “How”.

I told them that sport is one of the tools that has the power of breaking all barriers and young people love it, using it to propagate the message of Accountability will help to easily spread the message you are preaching. So I was given the first chance to have it organize at the Tubman High School on 12th Street.


I am only trying to tell this story to let you know that what you are doing here today is very important and it has the power to change the story of Liberia into a positive situation.  I also want you to know that   unaccountability issues we are crying with in our Country today start from us. Corruption is everywhere and today we will interact with you about corruption in sport (football).



During the first round were the referee was favoring one team, this were their comments;

Coach Gborboe. What is strange about this match and how do you feel?


  • Torkpo Kollie, I really felt bad because the referee was never balance, I mean he was refereeing in favor of one team. I almost decided to leave the game. This game is marked with serious corruption and it is  full of cheating
  • Morris Kpahn, I was very happy about the game because everything was in my favor.

On the overall level, the first round of the exercise created serious tension in the game that if we were not fast to have stop the game, it would have resulted into a violent.

Having heard their view Francis Lansana, Accountability lab representative on the field, told them that this is what corruption does. It will make you to feel that you are the best person and on the other hand, it will make you feel like you don’t know anything. Corruption is one of the forces that drive away development. It is an agent that breed violence, you saw what you were doing among yourself.

The skill we have come to give you today is to train you in the fight against corruption with the use of nonviolence approach. Those whom the referee was blowing in their favor thought this is one of the best referee in Liberia and as such want him to continue refereeing. Now that we are going for the second round, let watch and see and then you will compared the first with the second round.


At the end of the second round, we again asked them for their view and this what they have to say;

  • Kollie Mulbah, for me I think such exercise should be organize among CSA members (Ministries and agencies). It will help to cut down corruption in the government. If possible we should invite the president. From the starting this morning, some of us thought that this exercise is just a mere exercise, but now we have understood it to be very much educative.
  • Torkpo Kollie, during the first round, the referee was against me I was feeling very bad but in the second round I know that the referee was in my favor so I am very happy. Although I am happy, but have now understood why Liberia is not develop. I want this exercise to be organize between counties. It will help to involve many persons because all of the county authorities will attend the game and the education or Accountability message will help to change the minds of some the authorities. Doing this will help to change Liberia.
  • I was feeling bad because the game went against me during this second round. Now that I have understood that cheating hurt, I don’t want this practice to be limited to us rather it must go to the various high schools.

The second round brought back the friendship that got clash during the first round and they all were happy and promised to preach accountability message down to their various homes.


The third and final cycle in which the two teams wore the same Jessy brought about more understanding into the exercise. They stressed that it is this pattern that is under mining the development agenda of Liberia. Today we have realized that every fabric of our society needs accountability and obtaining accountability doesn’t necessary have to start from the top. Everybody need to do something.


Thank you for taking part in this exercise, we all have different skill compounded with what we have acquired today,  I hope we can now wisely use the lessons learned  to help preach the message of accountability and continue the fight against corruption, Said Francis.





Democracy is not a system that can be transferred  or imported. It can manifest only if it germinate and take root. In-order to have a through democratic function, each country needs to absorbed democracy into its traditions; political and its socio-economic situation. Democracy cannot be reduced only to a legal framework measuring only civil and political rights. The purpose of democracy is to empower every citizens to have a better living through the full improvement of economic, social and cultural rights.


Therefore for democracy to take effect, the citizens of the country must be knowledgeable of the laws governing them and they must have access to it; meaning there must be an independent and matured judiciary system. There must also be freedom of expression through matured and responsible press. Citizens must have the right to cautiously express themselves if they feel ambiguous of a situation; meaning you have the right to say what you want to say but you will be responsible for any insult/outcome of your pronouncement. Democracy is a system of government in which decision making is reach with the consent of the majorities of the citizens but respecting the views of the minorities.


Elections are not the start none the end to democratic system of governance. Election is just a system through which citizens decide to change the leadership of a state.  And in-order to reach to the peak of having democratic state, citizens (elected and electorate) need to build up sense of nationalism, sense of belonging, social cohesion, strong and independent political party system; meaning the political party platform must not be built around an individual. Political party needs to be institutionalized, managed and controlled by people with vision and they must have the ability to put people together to positively drive the vision of the party instead of following the ideology of single or segment of individuals within the party.


Though election is very cardinal to building democratic institution but the outcome of an election does not guaranteed democracy instead legitimacy after election is one of the core pillar to measuring democracy. Legitimacy is the medium through which the elected official make sure that citizens are harness and willing to drive their leadership project.






The Accountability Lab is an incubator for the world’s most creative accountability ideas. The team works with innovative people and organizations in Liberia to develop tools- and the communities around them- that can make power-holders more responsible. The Lab supports almost a dozen imaginative projects around the country, with a focus on youth and sustainability. We also strive to set a radical example of transparency and integrity with our own operations; and ensure monitoring is fitted to context. The Lab has won several awards for its work in Africa and Asia and for the impact that this approach has had on the larger accountability agenda. Read more recent news about our work here; and some of our broader thoughts on accountability in Liberia here.


Football is one of the sports that pull people together of all sectors, which encompasses, race, economic, political, religious among the rest. Holding this in mind and accountabilitylab been an organization that works new innovative ideas to help contribution global stability and development, chose sport as a medium to preacg good governance and fight corruption in the Liberian society.

Holding this constant, on February 1, 2014, accountabilitylab hosted her second kick out corruption sport compaign in the ELWA community on Carver mission school sport pitch with youth age ranging from 9-30 years old. The focus on this age group is from the back ground youth are the feature of every nation in the world and started teaching the concept of good governance and anti-corruption will lead stable,development, positive growth and corrupt free society.

Topics taught in this exercise included cheating, bribery, robery, tribalism, corruption and nepotism. Having gone through the exercise, this what Coach Gborboe T.Gblinwon, the organizer of the exercise has to say to accountabilitylab, sponsor organization of the program;

  • Like i said on December 7, 2013 on Tubman High school sport pitch on 12 street, i am bringing to mind because this day was my first experience in the field of sport to come across such a wonderful lesson that explain to me causes leading the under performance on players and coach in every parts of the world. I even want to say that this exercise to go deep into government and other private sectors so that all administrators and managers can see some of the basic things that are delaying our development in Liberia.
  • If this kind of training can go across all sectors, will make corruption to go away because if you are in the position teach anti-corruption, you will be careful with what you do. This is also necessary for family because the first institution of learning is the family and if children in the families are exposed to this, their upcoming with be very much positive.

When the players were also quize for the view about the exercise, they said;

  • When the game is cheated in my favor, it can be fine because anything will be goo and it will make me to win the game, said Trokon Sieweon
  • I don’t feel fine when the cheating is done in mu favor because it will make me lazy, so I will not want either bribery, tribalism, cheating or any other unfair activity to be done in the sport, said, Richard Saykiamien
  • It is always good for FIFA to not favor one team, it is good be neutral, Tony B. Kpahn commented
  • I feel bad if the referre is always against me on the field, it will creation serious negative tension in the game. To be sure, this game is not good with tension because football is to be one of the most unifying tool, Winston O. Anthony said.
  • I feel bad when the game was against me because I went to field to win but the cheating was too broad so I feel weak and I even wanted to leave the game, Thomas O. Martin commented.
  • All what we are learning about leads to killing of career in anybody, they are all bad in any form, Moses Chea.

Even those who came to weakness the exercise enjoyed and the said, from what they have learned will help them to bring a change in their society and they suggested that we should a national kick out corruption sport day in Liberia. According to them, it will help to easily and widely spread the campaign against corruption.


  Accountability Lab is an independent, “for-purpose” organization that works to harness the creativity of citizens in developing countries to hold power-holders accountable. The Lab provides financial, training, and networking support to social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas related to anti-corruption and accountability. By emphasizing civil society partnerships, technology, and youth engagement, the Lab strives to pioneer a new approach to international development that addresses the causes rather than the symptoms of poverty, inequality, and instability. For more information about the Accountability Lab, visit  HYPERLINK “  and follow the organization on  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” Twitter and  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” Facebook.



In the history of Liberia, there has always been a complained of in-equality, corruption, joblessness among others especially within the youthful communities. In the wake of all the numerous complained and in-order to prove the realities in the various claims, the Accountability Lab Liberia office chose to train young Liberians in the areas of film making & editing and documentary. One of the basic facts for this is to enable those who acquired the knowledge to use their talent to investigate and come out with facts/ evidence and to contact relevant authorities for way forward. In light of the above mentioned, the accountability Lab Liberia office hosted the world first accountability film festival. The films were done by students who went through five weeks of accountability film training and the showcase of this came to past on September 17, 2013 with more than 60 persons attending the festival. Accountability Lab partnered with iLab to have this day a success at iLab 20th street Sinkor office in Monrovia. The films by their titles and the realities in them, made participants to share tears and had made many of those who weakness the show to stage another program so as to enable many persons to see and develop different approach in solving the unaccountability problems in Liberia. The film festival served as an eye opener for donor, Liberians, other nationals living in Liberia and the world to see the actual problems of Liberia. The films did not only speak ordinarily but gave clear evidence of true situations in Liberia. Before now, people and institutions have been discussing Liberia without facts or proving evidence but Accountability film festival spoke to the heart, soul and minds Liberian. The turn out and the comments from the viewers of the film tells that Liberians have long been waiting for the way forward. Such a project according to comments from attendees should not only be limited to Monrovia, the capital of Liberia rather it needs to go to every corner of the Country . It should be one of the best priority in all of the civil society’s projects in the fight against corruption, in-equality, nepotism and other ills in the Liberian society. It is the best tools for building good governance not only in Liberia but in the world at large. This medium is not about attacking individuals rather the situations and because of the quality and the truthfulness that was presented during this festival, many individuals, civil society organizations and government officers are becoming conscious of what they do and what they say. In the eyes of an ordinary Liberians, it is like the messiah has come because the Accountability Lab film festival lay bare the true secret of how Liberia is been kept from development. It also made the citizens and other nationals residing in Liberia to see the unaccountability in the leaders of Liberia. Every other time they claimed more progress but the film festival has built even in the minds of donors the consciousness on how their funding have been miss-used in Liberia, viewers lamented.


 ImageImageImageWe at the Accountability Lab are grateful to be able to support young Liberian filmmakers, who we believe have great potential to mobilize their communities for change. We hope to work towards building a nation of accountable leaders who can use their power in responsible ways for the benefit of society. In this light, we have established a film school to empower young people with both documentary filmmaking skills as well as understanding of accountability issues. The school is focused on helping them to produce short, low-budget documentary films on accountability issues in their communities. In September, we hosted the country’s first Accountability Film Festival, at which Dorcas Pewee was awarded the People’s Choice Award for her film “Say It” on the sexual exploitation of women. We are now registering the Liberian Film Institute as an independent, Liberian-run organization to take this work forwards under the leadership of Divine Anderson. We would also like to let you know that we are launching a film school session in January, specifically for Liberian girls and women. Our goal is to empower women and girls to be self-reliant, give them a voice to share their stories, and to provide them with the tools to promote accountability in Liberia in a realistic and engaging way.