Education and thinking; A gateway to building a stronger nation


I know someone is out there asking; “what is about education and thinking”?  My friend here I come to you with the answer that might not be the perfect one but it entails some details answers to your question. Education is the practice of sustaining learning, gaining of knowledge, talents, values, principles, and tradition and acquiring it involved different methods which include storytelling, dialogue, coaching, exercise, and fixed investigation. Education often takes place under the management of instructors, however, apprentices may also acquire it by themselves. Education can take place in formal or informal settings and any knowledge that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational.

Thinking can be considered as the act of generating thoughts. Proving that thought is an ultimate human activity accustomed to everyone, therefore, there is no commonly known covenant to details as to what thought is or how it can be generated.

The fact is that thought triggers many human activities and collaborations, ranging from its fleshly and abstract heritages, methods, and effects has remained an enduring objective for numerous disciplines.

Thinking provides the humans with the ability to sort logic of, construe, characterize, perfect the ecosphere and make forecasts about what they experience. Hence, it’s indeed helpful to  human as a guiding tool for setting up needs, goals, wishes and as tool for  making the agenda  in the pursue of accomplishing every dreams.

In every region of the world and with every human, development starts with thinking and education. When the citizens of a country become positively thoughtful, they will become patriotic and educated and will be adequately informed about their government. Thus, their ability to monitor, investigate and make the government functions adequately and more pro-actively will become easy and the affairs of the citizenry will be considered as a priority by the government. Adequate information sharing and quality education are very much cardinal to the growth of any country.

However, this need to be put into a context so that its fits into the cultural dimension of a region or country in-order that the people who are perceived to be the ultimate beneficiaries can easily understand the methodological approach. Once you connect a new idea to what someone previously know, learning will become easy.

When a leader of any country provides quality education and build policies that are developmental friendly, transformation and growth will force its way into that country. The way you think influences your behavior and the way you behavior helps to direct your destiny. One of the core reasons for Liberia’ 14 years war was triggered by our thought patterns.

To the citizens in general, self-esteem, integrity and personal accountability should be the core guide in the quest for quality education. Building a social capital is vital in actualizing development. More coordination and networking among different kinds of professionals and sector is the bed rock and the road map through which ideas can easily be cross pollinated and solution can be found to those problems that existed before.

About the Author:

Francis Egu Lansana is a civil society leader in Liberia. He works for Accountability Lab Liberia. His passion for community participation, governance and development is inspired by humanitarian groups and the world leaders who strive for global stability. He studied Sociology and Political Science at the University of Liberia. He has written several articles including his recent article on “Media for Change Makers” published by Peace Journalist Magazine in the USA and other media institutions like the bush chicken and  heritage news paper.




KoC 4th Round




The Accountability Lab is an incubator for the world’s most creative accountability ideas. The team works with innovative people and organizations in Liberia to develop tools- and the communities around them- that can make power-holders more responsible. The Lab supports almost a dozen imaginative projects around the country, with a focus on youth and sustainability. We also strive to set a radicalexampleof transparency and integrity with our own operations; and ensure monitoring is fitted to context. The Lab has won several awards for its work in Africa and Asia and for the impact that this approach has had on the larger accountability agenda.




Sport is one of the medium that pull people of all sector together, based on this, Accountability lab has chosen it to help spread the message of Accountability and Anti-corruption message to the young people of Liberia.


On Saturday May 3rd, 2014, the Accountability lab had its fourth session of the Kick out Corruption (KoC) sport outreach in Whein Town Community, Paynesville. The event that has over 150 persons participating directly and directly was used to educate the participants about Corruption, Cheating, Favoritism, Nepotism, Bribery, etc.

Mr. Gborboe T. Gblinwon (simply known as coach Gborboe) presented the event like this;

Knowing that Accountability serves as driving force for sustaining developmental agenda, needs to be preach in all sectors. Upon this, when I heard about Accountability lab and the work they do, I thought to myself if I could fit into any of the program. Then I answer it myself by saying YES.

So I went to the office and I said I’m a coach and I want to work with your organization, but the concern to them (Accountability lab) was “How”.

I told them that sport is one of the tools that has the power of breaking all barriers and young people love it, using it to propagate the message of Accountability will help to easily spread the message you are preaching. So I was given the first chance to have it organize at the Tubman High School on 12th Street.


I am only trying to tell this story to let you know that what you are doing here today is very important and it has the power to change the story of Liberia into a positive situation.  I also want you to know that   unaccountability issues we are crying with in our Country today start from us. Corruption is everywhere and today we will interact with you about corruption in sport (football).



During the first round were the referee was favoring one team, this were their comments;

Coach Gborboe. What is strange about this match and how do you feel?


  • Torkpo Kollie, I really felt bad because the referee was never balance, I mean he was refereeing in favor of one team. I almost decided to leave the game. This game is marked with serious corruption and it is  full of cheating
  • Morris Kpahn, I was very happy about the game because everything was in my favor.

On the overall level, the first round of the exercise created serious tension in the game that if we were not fast to have stop the game, it would have resulted into a violent.

Having heard their view Francis Lansana, Accountability lab representative on the field, told them that this is what corruption does. It will make you to feel that you are the best person and on the other hand, it will make you feel like you don’t know anything. Corruption is one of the forces that drive away development. It is an agent that breed violence, you saw what you were doing among yourself.

The skill we have come to give you today is to train you in the fight against corruption with the use of nonviolence approach. Those whom the referee was blowing in their favor thought this is one of the best referee in Liberia and as such want him to continue refereeing. Now that we are going for the second round, let watch and see and then you will compared the first with the second round.


At the end of the second round, we again asked them for their view and this what they have to say;

  • Kollie Mulbah, for me I think such exercise should be organize among CSA members (Ministries and agencies). It will help to cut down corruption in the government. If possible we should invite the president. From the starting this morning, some of us thought that this exercise is just a mere exercise, but now we have understood it to be very much educative.
  • Torkpo Kollie, during the first round, the referee was against me I was feeling very bad but in the second round I know that the referee was in my favor so I am very happy. Although I am happy, but have now understood why Liberia is not develop. I want this exercise to be organize between counties. It will help to involve many persons because all of the county authorities will attend the game and the education or Accountability message will help to change the minds of some the authorities. Doing this will help to change Liberia.
  • I was feeling bad because the game went against me during this second round. Now that I have understood that cheating hurt, I don’t want this practice to be limited to us rather it must go to the various high schools.

The second round brought back the friendship that got clash during the first round and they all were happy and promised to preach accountability message down to their various homes.


The third and final cycle in which the two teams wore the same Jessy brought about more understanding into the exercise. They stressed that it is this pattern that is under mining the development agenda of Liberia. Today we have realized that every fabric of our society needs accountability and obtaining accountability doesn’t necessary have to start from the top. Everybody need to do something.


Thank you for taking part in this exercise, we all have different skill compounded with what we have acquired today,  I hope we can now wisely use the lessons learned  to help preach the message of accountability and continue the fight against corruption, Said Francis.