It is the right of everyone to know.

Education to the people through mural.

In an effort to live up-to its objective, Accountabilitylab along with Liberia VisuaArts Academy (LiveArts) have embarked on a mural project in Monrovia. The project which is aim at putting everyday common social, political and economic happenings into a visual object to help persons who have not pass through formal western education to be knowledgeable of how to contribute to change in their society is ongoing on 15th street in Sinkor Monrovia Liberia. Accountability Lab team works with innovative people and organizations in Liberia to develop tools- and the communities around them- that can empower people to create positive social change.

Topics addressed in this project range from domestic waste management, health, road safety and personal character building. The lab has observed over the past years that majority of Liberian can’t read and comprehend and globally, visual object that depicts human everyday behavior provides a wider scope of education. And as the Lab aim is to keep people informed no matter your age, education, socio-economic status has taken onto this project in educating every inhabitants of Liberia about how each person’s positive contribution can lead us into having a better community.

As I stood and carefully listen to passes-by, these were some of their saying;

  • This is really what we called clear message to the people. Even babies on their mother’s back can easily understand this.
  • This is more effective in spread the news about the change we want.
  • This is more than having radio talk show and or writing about how you want the people to change.
  • With this, Liberia will now change.

The change you need for the people must start with the people. The lab has understood that the message for change has previously been focused on those who can read and write leaving out majority who have not acquired the potential to read and write. What is created by the people can be best manage by them and as such using their own everyday common behavior to preach the message of change can easily shape their focus to the change you wish to see. Change doesn’t start from up but rather it start from down.