The first Ebola patient in Liberia was discovered in March 2014 in Foya District, Lofa County located in the North-western region of Liberia (MoHSW). Foya is sharing a common border with the Republic of Guinea the first country in West Africa to have an alarming Ebola case. According to reports, the first person to be diagnosed of Ebola in Liberia came from Guinea. When this disease was first pronounced in Liberia, the citizens including the government did not understand the gravity of it and therefore less attention was pay to it.

But the epidemic of Ebola has created not only  health hazard ,economic hardship rather it has caused physical insecurity leading to president of Liberia declaring state of emergency thereby causing closure  of jobs, business and tighten the free movement of people in the country (declaring curfew). Educational system and investment activities are all at stand still. The spread of the EVD is getting intensify day-by-day.

The fight against this disease is becoming the concern of every Liberian. Having recognized the importance of music in transforming society, Accountability lab in partnership with the Business Start-Up Center  have united all musical artists  to form one common front in this fight against EVD. It is often said “in union strong success is sure”, this has manifested itself in Liberia in the fight against Ebola as all musical artists in Liberia have come together to speak with one voice.

According to the artists, their work has the potential to easily and widely spread educative message to every corner and to everyone. Therefore coming together is one of the best thing to do as a musicians in helping to educate all inhabitants of Liberia about the dangers of Ebola, how to prevent it and to re-brand Liberia.

This is a national call and every citizens of Liberia contribution in either way is very much useful in this fight. The situation is getting worse as West Point, a slum in Monrovia which host a population of over 50000 people.

Psycho-social contribution is greatly needed in this fight.