Education and thinking; A gateway to building a stronger nation


I know someone is out there asking; “what is about education and thinking”?  My friend here I come to you with the answer that might not be the perfect one but it entails some details answers to your question. Education is the practice of sustaining learning, gaining of knowledge, talents, values, principles, and tradition and acquiring it involved different methods which include storytelling, dialogue, coaching, exercise, and fixed investigation. Education often takes place under the management of instructors, however, apprentices may also acquire it by themselves. Education can take place in formal or informal settings and any knowledge that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational.

Thinking can be considered as the act of generating thoughts. Proving that thought is an ultimate human activity accustomed to everyone, therefore, there is no commonly known covenant to details as to what thought is or how it can be generated.

The fact is that thought triggers many human activities and collaborations, ranging from its fleshly and abstract heritages, methods, and effects has remained an enduring objective for numerous disciplines.

Thinking provides the humans with the ability to sort logic of, construe, characterize, perfect the ecosphere and make forecasts about what they experience. Hence, it’s indeed helpful to  human as a guiding tool for setting up needs, goals, wishes and as tool for  making the agenda  in the pursue of accomplishing every dreams.

In every region of the world and with every human, development starts with thinking and education. When the citizens of a country become positively thoughtful, they will become patriotic and educated and will be adequately informed about their government. Thus, their ability to monitor, investigate and make the government functions adequately and more pro-actively will become easy and the affairs of the citizenry will be considered as a priority by the government. Adequate information sharing and quality education are very much cardinal to the growth of any country.

However, this need to be put into a context so that its fits into the cultural dimension of a region or country in-order that the people who are perceived to be the ultimate beneficiaries can easily understand the methodological approach. Once you connect a new idea to what someone previously know, learning will become easy.

When a leader of any country provides quality education and build policies that are developmental friendly, transformation and growth will force its way into that country. The way you think influences your behavior and the way you behavior helps to direct your destiny. One of the core reasons for Liberia’ 14 years war was triggered by our thought patterns.

To the citizens in general, self-esteem, integrity and personal accountability should be the core guide in the quest for quality education. Building a social capital is vital in actualizing development. More coordination and networking among different kinds of professionals and sector is the bed rock and the road map through which ideas can easily be cross pollinated and solution can be found to those problems that existed before.

About the Author:

Francis Egu Lansana is a civil society leader in Liberia. He works for Accountability Lab Liberia. His passion for community participation, governance and development is inspired by humanitarian groups and the world leaders who strive for global stability. He studied Sociology and Political Science at the University of Liberia. He has written several articles including his recent article on “Media for Change Makers” published by Peace Journalist Magazine in the USA and other media institutions like the bush chicken and  heritage news paper.




  Accountability Lab is an independent, “for-purpose” organization that works to harness the creativity of citizens in developing countries to hold power-holders accountable. The Lab provides financial, training, and networking support to social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas related to anti-corruption and accountability. By emphasizing civil society partnerships, technology, and youth engagement, the Lab strives to pioneer a new approach to international development that addresses the causes rather than the symptoms of poverty, inequality, and instability. For more information about the Accountability Lab, visit  HYPERLINK “  and follow the organization on  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” Twitter and  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” Facebook.



In the history of Liberia, there has always been a complained of in-equality, corruption, joblessness among others especially within the youthful communities. In the wake of all the numerous complained and in-order to prove the realities in the various claims, the Accountability Lab Liberia office chose to train young Liberians in the areas of film making & editing and documentary. One of the basic facts for this is to enable those who acquired the knowledge to use their talent to investigate and come out with facts/ evidence and to contact relevant authorities for way forward. In light of the above mentioned, the accountability Lab Liberia office hosted the world first accountability film festival. The films were done by students who went through five weeks of accountability film training and the showcase of this came to past on September 17, 2013 with more than 60 persons attending the festival. Accountability Lab partnered with iLab to have this day a success at iLab 20th street Sinkor office in Monrovia. The films by their titles and the realities in them, made participants to share tears and had made many of those who weakness the show to stage another program so as to enable many persons to see and develop different approach in solving the unaccountability problems in Liberia. The film festival served as an eye opener for donor, Liberians, other nationals living in Liberia and the world to see the actual problems of Liberia. The films did not only speak ordinarily but gave clear evidence of true situations in Liberia. Before now, people and institutions have been discussing Liberia without facts or proving evidence but Accountability film festival spoke to the heart, soul and minds Liberian. The turn out and the comments from the viewers of the film tells that Liberians have long been waiting for the way forward. Such a project according to comments from attendees should not only be limited to Monrovia, the capital of Liberia rather it needs to go to every corner of the Country . It should be one of the best priority in all of the civil society’s projects in the fight against corruption, in-equality, nepotism and other ills in the Liberian society. It is the best tools for building good governance not only in Liberia but in the world at large. This medium is not about attacking individuals rather the situations and because of the quality and the truthfulness that was presented during this festival, many individuals, civil society organizations and government officers are becoming conscious of what they do and what they say. In the eyes of an ordinary Liberians, it is like the messiah has come because the Accountability Lab film festival lay bare the true secret of how Liberia is been kept from development. It also made the citizens and other nationals residing in Liberia to see the unaccountability in the leaders of Liberia. Every other time they claimed more progress but the film festival has built even in the minds of donors the consciousness on how their funding have been miss-used in Liberia, viewers lamented.


 ImageImageImageWe at the Accountability Lab are grateful to be able to support young Liberian filmmakers, who we believe have great potential to mobilize their communities for change. We hope to work towards building a nation of accountable leaders who can use their power in responsible ways for the benefit of society. In this light, we have established a film school to empower young people with both documentary filmmaking skills as well as understanding of accountability issues. The school is focused on helping them to produce short, low-budget documentary films on accountability issues in their communities. In September, we hosted the country’s first Accountability Film Festival, at which Dorcas Pewee was awarded the People’s Choice Award for her film “Say It” on the sexual exploitation of women. We are now registering the Liberian Film Institute as an independent, Liberian-run organization to take this work forwards under the leadership of Divine Anderson. We would also like to let you know that we are launching a film school session in January, specifically for Liberian girls and women. Our goal is to empower women and girls to be self-reliant, give them a voice to share their stories, and to provide them with the tools to promote accountability in Liberia in a realistic and engaging way.