The Accountability Lab is an incubator for the world’s most creative accountability ideas. The team works with innovative people and organizations in Liberia to develop tools- and the communities around them- that can make power-holders more responsible. The Lab supports almost a dozen imaginative projects around the country, with a focus on youth and sustainability.

For a nation to be develop, the citizen must have the sense of Nationalism, patriotism and sense of belonging. All of these happen through education and the process of education must be diverse. The  change we need required every one of us involvement  with positive contribution; on this note, the  accountability lab in partnership with the Liver Arts in Monrovia have embarked on  a project involving children  age ranging 9-13 years old. Accountability lab believed in bottom-top approach in the fight against corruption.

Accountability lab believe that the best way to make Liberia a better place is to make the children become conscious of their future and  give them the ability to become a positive thinker.

The children are the future leaders and beneficiary of what we have today and as such they need to be train adequately on how to manage their tomorrow.