Prior to the outbreak of Ebola, Liberia has experienced a very poor health and hygienic system especially within the city of Monrovia the capital of Liberia. There are garbage pile found in every part of the city with a poor drainage system and access to save drinking and bath water is not to be over emphasis.

Access to proper medical care is like a grace of God evidence by all government officials including prominent business persons and other renounce residents of Liberia always seeking medication attention outside of the country leaving all medical personnel and facilities within the country poorly care for. Monrovia has an approximated population of 1 million persons and has a very poor sewage facilities. There are no public latrine in central Monrovia and therefore people urinate or toilet in tite corners whenever they are pressed by nature thereby leaving that neighborhood vulnerable with bad odor and sickness.

According to health experts, Ebola virus can be contracted through coming into contact with the infected person’s urine, toilet, saliva, sweet, blood, etc. Based on such poor conditions, Liberia has received approximately 60 % of the total death of Ebola related cases since the outbreak of virus in the Western African sub-region. More death and suspected cases are expected as government and other international partners are seeking means of building additional facilities for hosting of persons infected of Ebola virus and those suspected of contracting the virus.

Liberia still remain at the disadvantageous side as there are no plans to improve the system.



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