Democracy is not a system that can be transferred  or imported. It can manifest only if it germinate and take root. In-order to have a through democratic function, each country needs to absorbed democracy into its traditions; political and its socio-economic situation. Democracy cannot be reduced only to a legal framework measuring only civil and political rights. The purpose of democracy is to empower every citizens to have a better living through the full improvement of economic, social and cultural rights.


Therefore for democracy to take effect, the citizens of the country must be knowledgeable of the laws governing them and they must have access to it; meaning there must be an independent and matured judiciary system. There must also be freedom of expression through matured and responsible press. Citizens must have the right to cautiously express themselves if they feel ambiguous of a situation; meaning you have the right to say what you want to say but you will be responsible for any insult/outcome of your pronouncement. Democracy is a system of government in which decision making is reach with the consent of the majorities of the citizens but respecting the views of the minorities.


Elections are not the start none the end to democratic system of governance. Election is just a system through which citizens decide to change the leadership of a state.  And in-order to reach to the peak of having democratic state, citizens (elected and electorate) need to build up sense of nationalism, sense of belonging, social cohesion, strong and independent political party system; meaning the political party platform must not be built around an individual. Political party needs to be institutionalized, managed and controlled by people with vision and they must have the ability to put people together to positively drive the vision of the party instead of following the ideology of single or segment of individuals within the party.


Though election is very cardinal to building democratic institution but the outcome of an election does not guaranteed democracy instead legitimacy after election is one of the core pillar to measuring democracy. Legitimacy is the medium through which the elected official make sure that citizens are harness and willing to drive their leadership project.



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